How to Market Books to Get More Sales? Part 2

Recently I was writing about some tips and strategies you can implement to your business and try to boost your ebooks sales. Today I'm going to extend this topic and show you a few more steps which you can use to improve your marketing skills. If encourage you to spend few minutes and read what I have to say. Probably you know most of techniques described here and at part 1, but if you are newbie in this business, you may take advantage of those information.

Piece of remind

In the very last blog post I told you about few steps you need to take to get visible amongst tens of thousands other ebooks. First, you should set a goal which is both doable and motivating for you. It can be something like " I want to earn few bucks after month or two of doing it".

You have to pick the niche you fell good in. This should be something you are passionate about and when you are writing another piece of content you should feel joy related to this process.

You have your polished, well-formated piece of content. Another step was creating good-looking cover. As I advised you before, if you do not have talent fot his type of work just spend few dollars, hire professional graphic designer and focus on marketing your book.

The good idea is to join KDP Select, there is a program where you can promote your ebooks i different ways. If you enroll ebook to kdp select you cannot make your content available in other websites. Each ebook has 90 days period of time at KDP program, after that time you can enroll it again.

When you doing good job and publish another ebooks, good ideas is to establish author's page, it is a pgae where people can see all your ebooks and information about you. You can also put there link to your website, blog or whatever space on Internet you have.

If you give great piece of content to people, you are transparent and honest wirh them, they will start spending more and more time on your website and if you ask them about some kind of help, some of them will be keen to do that. In my opinion buildin an audience is one of the most important factors.

What else you can do?

Like I said, there are several more actions you can take to market your ebooks. One of basics techniques is to put active link to your website in your ebook. It can be like the title, subtitle and underneath link to your website. If you decide to give free copies of your book for 5 (or less) days in KDP Select, everyone who downloads your ebook can click at link and go to your website. This can be incredibly helpful to target the traffic to your website. When people go to your website and love your content, you can use that fact and generate more sales (via active links which drive audience to your sales page).

If you ask the best selling authors about how to increase ebooks sales, actually each of them tell you that one of the most efficient activities is email marketing. Try to encourahe people to subscribe your email list and give them free piece of content in return, it is so calles lead magnet. People getting valuable ebook, which let say can fix problem they have. You get emails, when you are going to launch another ebook just let them know about that fact. I bet the lion's share of subscribers will buy your work.

Do you really want to your ebook selling well? You need to take care abo reviews. You can wait till some readers share their opinion about your ebook ot you can start bothering get some reveiws. You can do it for example by joining facebook groups related to kindle ebooks. Tell people why your creation is worth reading and ask them kindly if they could leave a review. It cost you just few minutes of time and can give you nice bunch of sales. Remember - reviews matter, and they are one of the most important factors to potential buyers next to cover and description.

The most actions you take, the most visibly your book can get on amazon. And if amazon algorithm start helping with your book sales, it can get really profitable for you.

I hope what I wrote above is readable. I am writing it in the middle of the night, after really tough week. But no excuses. I promise the next post will be also helpful and hope that you like those information although a bit. See you next time! :)


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