How to Market Ebooks to Get More Sales?

Hi everyone, I hope you have a good day!

Today I want to reveal some tips and strategies I used or I'm going to use in nearest future, related to ebooks selling.
As you probably noticed I'm really into business based on selling ebooks on Amazon. I reckon that it is huge opportunity for me. First of all I am not a native english speaker, so I can really improve my language skills. Secondly this kind of enterprise is quite promising for me because you don't have to spend a lot of money at the beginning, but still can earn some bucks. In this post I would like to share with you some ideas which seem to be good steps to promote your ebooks. I am on the very beginning of this path, but I think you can take advantage of those strategies. I hope you will like tips presented below and maybe even use them in your business.

What to do to increase your sales?

A good idea is to set some goal you want to achieve. I wouldn't recommend you to think like " I want to earn 1000$ after first month of my activity". I would rather say thay all you need is to do a great, hard work step by step. First try to write the best ebooks you are able to. For me the natural option was writing about entrepreneurship, good habits in life, making money online and so on. You need to feel good in your niche and whole process should bring you a lot of joy.

If you spend enough time you can write really good piece of content. You don't have to spend a cent for that. Another highly important thing is to create good-looking cover which attracts eyes of readers. I don't have ability to create good ones, so I outsource this task to my graphic designer and I think she is doing great work. If you ask me about a price for making covers, I can say that there are different prices. For my ebooks covers (I find they are good quality) it's something like 25-30$  each. There is a saying " Don't judge a book by its cover" however, I think people do.

When you publish your ebook I recommend you to join KDP Select. That's the program where you can set your ebook for free up to 5 days or you can give your readers some discount also up to 5 days. When people start downloading your ebook there is a chance that they tell their friends about it. You can receive some reviews which is really helpful for selling your ebooks. People see, they are good rated and they tend to buy from you. The word spreads and your chance for high volume sales gets bigger.

In my opinion the best way to market your ebook is to write another one. The more ebooks you have the more opportunities for sale you create. If someone buys your piece of work they can click at your author's name (you should set up an author's page) and see other ebooks. If hou have lots of them, each time someone checks out one of them it is opportunity for you to sell another one.

Another incredibly significant step is building up your own audience and running dialogue with them, for example via blog (as I do). If people see you are competent, honest with them, you giving them juicy tips and you are transparent, there is a big chance that they will like your content and help you build up your business.

There is few more things I use to boost my ebooks sales, but rest of them I will show you in another post, which I am planning to finish in few days.

I hope you enjoyed today's information, if so, spread the word and help me to reach out new readers :)


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